Available by appointment only on Thursday mornings between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. Before your child may be enrolled or placed on a waiting list, you must have toured the program. To schedule a tour please call or e-mail the center.


At the beginning of the tour, we will let you know our current availability for your child’s age group. If you would like to know availability before you tour the school, when you contact us to schedule a tour, please include your child’s date of birth or due date and the month you are looking to start with us. Please keep in mind that our availability doesn’t always line up during the time you need to start care.


When a placement in the school is offered to you it will be for a specific month. We start new students on the first Monday of every month. To hold the open spot in our school, a registration fee and a tuition deposit are required, and both fees are non-refundable. Accepting a spot in our school is an agreement that tuition will be paid from the date that your child has been offered a placement. This includes enrollment for infants that may be born later or earlier than their due date.